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Do you know what repairs your Landlord is responsible for?

There are a wide variety of obligations for every landlord relating to housing repairs.

Did you know it is the landlord’s duty and responsibility to keep the property in a reasonable state of repair for the duration of your tenancy.

If you inform your landlord of disrepair issues it is the landlord’s duty to undertake any necessary repairs.

OK so what are necessary repairs?

Necessary repairs may include:-

Repairing external property such as pipes, drains, gutters etc

Repairing any internal property such as walls, stairs, boilers, etc


Common issues we routinely assist clients with arise from issues such as:-

Damp & Mould

Structural defects

Pest Infestation

Electrical Issues

Boiler and Gas Issues

If you are experiencing housing disrepair issues and your landlord is ignoring you, why not call us today, in complete confidence

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